Mexican Diocese Wins Case Against Transvestite

Mexico's federal appeals court in April rejected an attempt by a transvestite propagandist to force the Church to alter baptismal records in favour of a person's self-declaration.

In 2021, a man suffering from gender ideas of being a 'woman' argued that Mexican privacy law required the Diocese of Querétaro to comply with the request, regardless of biological reality and historical facticity.

As a result, Mexico's National Data Protection Institute ruled that the diocese had to amend the baptismal records.

The diocese challenged the decision and won in a district court. An appeals court now upheld the decision on the grounds that the Church has a constitutionally protected right to manage its internal affairs without government interference.

The decision sets an important precedent for defending the religious freedom and autonomy of churches and religious organisations in Mexico against the fascist homosex propaganda.

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Someone put him up to it and they won’t stop there.
There’s big money behind these cases which is why lay Catholics need to make big money too.
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