Hypocrisy: German Bishops Demand “Changes" They Have Long Introduced

Presiding Limburg Bishop Georg Bätzing allegedly "understands" that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith rejects "blessings" of sinful homosexual liaisons.

But for him, that helps "nothing," Bätzing told Rnd.de (16 April), because there has long been a "pastoral development" that leads beyond that [into the abyss]. For him, this means that "change is imminent".

Homosexual "blessings" which are artificially played up by Bätzing, are a sandbox problem invented by journalists in a country where the number of Catholic marriages is plummeting (2020: 9%), with the lion's share of "Catholics" no longer marrying at all.

Against all reality, Bätzing insinuates that [sinful] homosexual liaisons desire the "blessing" of the Church. He feigns that this "question" can "no longer" be answered with yes or no, although that is exactly what he does.

Instead, he reproaches the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for rejecting homosexual "blessings" in accordance with Holy Scripture and common sense.

Bätzing, on the other hand, believes that "we" would have to assess homosexuality liaisons and concubinages "differently". Who is "we"? "Different" than who?

Picture: Georg Bätzing, #newsWeoslraeii

"I believe that we must evaluate homosexuality and life partnerships outside of marriage in a new way," said Bätzing.
Dr Bobus
When I see his name in print, it's hard not to think of an oft used American phrase: Bat shit crazy.
Language, @Dr Bobus language. ;-)
He repeats himself