CL are conservative in V2 terms, so Francis could only hate them.
Dashiell Hunt
"Commission them"???? This makes no sense. You should have a native English speaker check your articles.
This seems relevant:…tion-of-communion-and-liberations-lay-association/

As no source for the translated report is given, my guess is that “commission“ means something like “set up a commission to investigate” Communione e Liberazione. But the translated source is what needs to be seen.
This appears to be the source. It’s in German: Risse in der Franziskus-Partei: Comunione e Liberazione rebelliert
One more comment from jimcat
That final sentence in German is:

“Nun kursieren in Rom Gerüchte, Franziskus werde sich an CL rächen und die Bewegung unter einen Kommissar stellen.”

In English:

“Now rumors are circulating in Rome that Francis will take revenge on CL and place the movement under a commissioner.”

Which makes perfect sense.
"vengeans..." GTV needs an editor. ;-)