Schneider: The Pope Is The First Person Responsible For The Church's Misery

Freemasonry has infiltrated the Church, but the clergy, starting with the Pope and ending with the bishops, are to blame for the current misery.

Bishop Schneider said this during an interview with @cjm-media and Gloria.tv recorded on 17 November (video below).

He refers to the short pontificate of the good Hadrian VI (1522-1523), who ruled during the Reformation (Schneider: "Protestant deformation").

Hadrian sent a legate to the 1523 Nuremberg Diet who everyone expected would condemn Martin Luther. But the legate named the Holy See as the main culprit in the Church's misery.

"That was the first time in Church history, and until now the last time, that a Pope admitted: We, the popes, the Roman Curia, are the main culprits in the crisis of the Church. We have allowed this to happen, we have not been vigilant to protect the Church," Schneider said.

He hopes that a future pope will admit this: "We have appointed impossible men to high ecclesiastical positions with compromises, who have devastated the vineyard and left the faithful to the wolves."

Freemasons have also crept into many positions, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the Pope and his closest advisers, he said.

Schneider criticised that honest Catholic bishops attacked by the oligarch media "are often left out in the cold by the Holy See." Therefore, bishops are fearful because they know they won't get support from Rome.


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