Police Assault Good Friday Liturgy

Police forces intervened around 6 p.m. during a Good Friday liturgy in the Polish Christ the King parish, London.

When the priest noticed the issue, he announced visibly shaken that there was "a problem."

Then, two policemen entered the sanctuary without showing any respect for the religious ceremony. They went to the altar and threatened the faithful with fines and even arrest if they remained in the church.

A policeman said into the microphone, “This meeting is unfortunately legal… eeeh illegal in view of the coronavirus rules currently in force.”

The priest who by then had lost all his courage, asked the faithful to obey, and the congregation left the church. The altar boys removed their cassocks in the sacristy but returned to genuflect in front of the Cross before leaving the church.

When it was too late, the parish issued a statement protesting the “desecration” and announcing that all Easter Masses would be celebrated, “The police brutally exceeded their authority since all government requirements had been met.”


I very much apprechiated the young in the first row behind the altar servers, who first of all kneeled down and prayed and then left. BUT, of course, as others have commented: they should have defied the police.
Cecilia Lopez
Hmm. The Novus Ordo has assaulted the Good Friday Liturgy long before.....
beth alice arrow
I wonder if the Police visited the local Mosque's for Friday Prayers!!!! Of course they didn't !!!!!
Angelici Ordinis
This is not Roman Catholicism. This is Alienism.
Disgusting and sinister overreach against the Polish community and Catholics in general - and on Good Friday no less!
Met commissioner Cressida Dick has some explaining to do. And then maybe a resignation is in order, because this symbolises the whole disgusting ideology-obsessed mindset of her force.
Fulton Sheen: When a state...destroys freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, then the state has ceased to be political and begun to be a counter-Church." Source, Characters of the Passion (1947)
Lisi Sterndorfer
Statement from the Polish Mission in London: "We believe the police brutally exceeded their powers by issuing their warrant, as all government requirements were met. We believe municipal police officials have been misinformed about the current guidelines for places of worship"
Lisi Sterndorfer
The statement continues "All scheduled rites of the Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday will take place as planned. We ask everyone to observe the current sanitary requirements in the Church, and to pray that such situations will not be repeated."
The persecution of ethic and religious minorities in Britain in 2021