No Photos: Francis Has Received Covid-19 Vaccine

Francis' Press Office has announced that the Vatican's Covid-19 vaccination campaign began on January 13 in the lobby of the Paul VI Hall (picture of the vaccination fridge below).

LaNation.com.ar and AmericaMagazine.org reported that Francis received the first dose today, however the Vatican Press Office didn't confirm the news. Benedict XVI will also be vaccinated soon.

Francis will receive the second dose in three weeks. For alleged reasons of privacy, there are no photos of the vaccination.

Pfizer BioNTech, the vaccination used, was tested on the infamous HEK-293 cell line which was taken from the kidneys of a baby that was aborted in the Netherlands in the 1970's.

Picture: Vatican Media, #newsItjcbkwlzh

So all we have as proof is the press office's say-so. Our pontiff can turn his eyes Heavenward and say, "What, Oh Lord? I didn't lie, did I?"
A throne in the centre. Another Novus Ordo chapel?
Holy Cannoli
Photo surreptitiously removed from setting.