Synodalism Fake: Francis Again “Visibly Lost Patience”

On January 30, Francis “visibly lost his patience," and communicated to the Italian bishops not a desire "but a command" to begin a "process of national synod, community by community, diocese by diocese,” Sandro Magister writes (February 15).

Francis is for Magister "the most autocratic pope of the past centuries" and most inclined to do and undo everything "himself" - nevertheless, he never stops calling for a "synodal government of the Church.”

Since 2015, Francis has been prodding the Italian bishops, personally or through his squires, to begin a synod but, so far, he was unheeded.

Picture: Vatican Media, #newsTpoohzpymp

GJA Taylor
One day Pope Francis will be forgotten, thank God.
Camera man isn't wearing a mask. Neither is his assistant. Can't be too Covid Careful, amirite? Not all attendees are "social distancing" either.
This is just the usual Italian behaviour, "Sure sure, holiness... whatever you say."
At long last an Argentinian Pope comes face to face with Italian clerical politics. He'll have to personally oversee every diocese if he expects to railroad this through.