Homosex "Blessing": Despite Huge Propaganda, Not Even Seventy People Were In the Church

In Geldern, a German city with 34,000 inhabitants, Father Christian Olding, organised a May 6 "blessing show" for homosex liaisons and concubinages, which was attended by seventy people, despite a huge media propaganda effort throughout Germany.

Münster Diocese published a glowing report about it on the diocesan website Kirche-und-Leben.de. Olding hung a homosexual propaganda flag in front of his meal table where he presides the Novus-Ordo Eucharist. A shallow pop song warbled from the church's loudspeakers.

"The Lord bless you," Olding whispered, in an attempt to "bless" two homosexual singers of his church choir by placing his left hand on the head of one and his right hand on the head of the other. Olding already attempted to "secretly" bless their homosex sham marriage in 2017.

Then it was the turn of Olding's organist to show up with his accomplice. The "homosex blessing" was clearly an internal event, and an impressive proof that "homosexual blessings," hyped up by the oligarch media and the German bishops, is the fake problem of a “Church" that has lost the way, the truth, and the life.


Why should these stunts drive people to a Society that has no Canonical status and no legitimate ministry within the Church @Fr Dan ? wikipedia.org/…Canonical_situation_of_the_Society_of_Saint_Pius_X
Fr Dan
All these stunts will do is drive more people to the sspx, which is not a bad thing mind you. The gays couldn't care less about the irrelevant german church
I think I know the names of the two priests; Judas 1 and Judas 2
Louis IX
Is that satanic flag draped across the altar?
😉 nope. Luciferian one
Still wrong @Franek99 It's a secular flag, though what it stands for is contrary to Church teachings and thus sacrilegious.