Official: German Synod Adopts Resolution For [Invalid] Women Priests

82% of bishops and 92% of the handpicked German Synod’s delegates voted on September 9 in favour a resolution against the “exclusion of women from the sacramental ministry” (182 in favour, 16 against, 7 abstentions).

Only 10 bishops voted against it (45 bishops in favour, 5 abstentions). Approval rates of around 90% are typical for totalitarian regimes. "Dangerous passages" (Aachen Bishop Dieser) of the document which could have jeopardised the final vote, were changed during the day

This trick was necessary to avoid another embarrassing rejection as happened the day before with a resolution on sexuality.

The bishops inserted a passage calling on Francis to change John Paul II's 1994 Ordinatio sacerdotalis which states that women cannot validly receive ordination - as if such things could be "changed."

The resolution suggests that “in the future, gender should no longer decide on the allocation of ministries” - which is a distortion of the facts: Christ decides.

“It is not the participation of women in all [sic!] the Church’s ministries that needs justification, but the exclusion of women from the sacramental ministry,” - hammers Germany's apostate Catholic Church.


I keep reading about Germany, and yes it is a mess if reports are accurate, but things in USA are not much better, seems to me. Sometimes I get the feeling Germany is cover, for the enemies of the Faith in our own backyard.
De Profundis
Robert Cardinal Sarah: What is happening in Germany is terrible. One gets the impression that the truths of the faith and the commandments of the Gospel are being put to the vote. By what right can we decide to renounce part of the teaching of Christ?
atreverse pensar
I am tired of this. It all goes with Rome's implicit approval.
Jo Santoss
We are not protestant but those wolves in Catholic gowns are.
Croí Láidir
None of this is Catholic.