Cardinal Confirms: German Synod Will End in Anglicanism

Cologne’s Cardinal Woelki complained that in the preparation of the German Synodal Way “we were presented with a fait accompli.”

Woelki seems to have been allotted the task of impersonating "the conservative” during the synod.

Talking to the monthly Herder Korrespondenz (Feburary) he stressed that each bishop will be free to exercice “his magisterium” deciding if and how he will implement the synod’s decisions.

This shows that the German Church is going down the Anglican drain where each diocese has a different “creed” and “discipline.”

Woelki asked that the working groups not be staffed "unilaterally," meaning, exclusively with anti-Catholics, so that an “exchange between different points of view" may be possible at the synod.

This is an admission that the German Synod is like Francis’ “Synods of Bishops” about rubber-stamping preconceived decisions. The event starts on January 30.

Picture: Rainer Maria Woelki, © Membeth, wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsCxjyavvfwq

Thors Catholic Hammer
This is another hypocrite cardinal who supports the antipope Bergolio.
Sitting in great splendor and sumptuous surroundings Woelki complains about the schismatic conduct of bishops whilst propping up an alleged pope who not only refuses to sanction these bishops but actively encourages their heterodoxy.