Wilma Lopez
Connecticut Archbishop Calls for Ordaining Women

Connecticut Archbishop Calls for Female Deacons, Moving Vatican Out of Rome

Archbishop Coyne also said that he sees more church closings in the future for the archdiocese. A recently appointed coadjutor …
John A Cassani
I hope that Coyne’s rising to the See of Hartford isn’t a bad sign of what is to come to Boston, but there isn’t really any reason to ever be hopeful of a good appointment these days. He’s only a bishop because of who he knows. Anyway, Sean O’Malley turns 80 next June, so it won’t be long. We just lost Tobin in Providence. Boston will probably get McElroy, or someone similar.
Judas in bishop's clothing.
Paul F
How disCONNECTed!
Philadelphia Trad
These people WANT more church closings. Why? They don’t like the Catholic Church and its teachings. They’d rather burn it all down rather than reverse the damage that Vatican II has done.
Sally Dorman
If Strickland talked more about cross-dressing instead of the Deposit of Faith, he'd still be Bishop of Tyler
Ursula Sankt
Bishop Strickland is CANCELED. This HERETIC in is good standing
Yeah…but not with God.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
The faithful Catholics of this Archdiocese should lobby,protest and flood the Vatican with e-mails and whatever, to have this heretic radical sacked from office before he even begins.