Francis Contradicts John Paul II

Francis rambled in his interview with AmericaMagazine.com that an unborn child is a living "human being," however, “I do not say 'a person,' because this is debated, but a living human being.”

Shaun Kenney, vice president for American Life League countered on CatholicWorldReport.com (December 5) that Francis' distinction makes no sense because personhood is essentially defined by two qualities: existence and a rational soul.

John Paul II writes in Evangelium Vitae (EV) that the terms "human being" and "human person" are synonymous, and that modern genetic science offers clear confirmation for this. From the first instant there is established the programme of what a living being will be: a person (EV, 60).

Therefore, Kenney concludes that “Francis’ answer is at odds with Evangelium Vitae in a most direct way.”

By separating being and personhood, Francis opens the door to phenomena like slavery, Holocaust, Holodomor, abortion, or Canada’s most recent attempt to euthanise the poor, Kenney explains.


More prudential relativism from the Peronist Pontiff. The train wreck continues unabated.
Tony M
Bergoglio's refusal to acknowledge that an unborn baby is a person, will make many who are guilty of murdering unborn babies, more comfortable in that abominable sin of killing the most innocent and helpless of God's children. His statements go out to the entire world. How many more unborn children will now be exterminated because of that prevaricating trash talk by Jorgy???
Salvatore Bastatti
Either Bergoglio is a dumb, unschooled Jesuit-- or a devil wearing white.
Tony M
There is nothing dumb about Jorge.....as @Avalanche Catholic wrote he is the manipulator-orator ...par eccellence!!...........and I say.....& much, much more!!!