Zen Published Statement Against Suppression of Individual Masses in St Peter

In an Open Letter posted on his blog, Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen said he received the incredible news with pain and recalled the times he celebrated Masses in St Peter.

Open Letter to Cardinal Sarah

To His Eminence
Card. Robert Sarah

Dear Eminence,
Pain and indignation invade my heart to hear certain incredible news: They have forbidden private masses in St. Peter’s!?

If it were not for the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus, I would take the first flight to come to Rome and get on my knees in front of the door of Santa Marta (now the Papal residence) until the Holy Father has this edict withdrawn.

It was the thing that strengthened my faith most every time I came to Rome: at exactly seven o’clock I would enter the sacristy (where I almost always would meet that holy man, the Archbishop, then Cardinal Paolo Sardi); a young priest would come forward and would help me to dress in the vestments, and then they take me to an altar (in the Basilica proper or in the grottoes, that would make no difference to me, we were in St. Peter’s Basilica!). I think these were the masses that, in my life, I celebrated with more fervor and emotion, sometimes with tears praying for our living martyrs in China (now abandoned and pushed into the bosom of the schismatic church by the “Holy See” [as that document of June 2020 was presented without signatures and without the revisions of the Congregation for Doctrine]).

It is time to reduce the excessive power of the Secretariat of State. Remove these sacrilegious hands from the communal home for all the Faithful in the world! Let them content themselves with playing worldly diplomacy with the father of lies. Let them make the Secretariat of State “a den of thieves”, But leave the devoted people of God alone!

“It was night!” (John 13:30)

Your Brother
Joseph Zen, SDB

Translation by Bree A. Dail
J G Tasan
The best explanation on the word “night”:
The best explanation on the word “night”:

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Ave Maria Cardinal Zen a beautiful account most moving. To think also all those Priests banned from St Peter’s since 1970. St Peter Ora Pro Nobis
"Let them content themselves with playing worldly diplomacy with the father of lies." Nominated for Best 2021 Quote By A Catholic Cleric
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