Benedict XVI: A Resounding Slap in Francis’ Face

Benedict XVI wrote a letter for a Festschrift dedicated to Monsignor Livio Melina, the president of the Roman John Paul II Institute from 2006 to 2016.

Melina’s predecessors, Carlo Caffarra and Angelo Scola became both cardinals, while Melina was dishonourably discharged by Francis first as the president than as a professor, because during the Synode of the Family his Institute had defended Catholic positions not in line with Francis' predetermined anti-Catholic conclusions of Amoris Laetitia.

Benedict XVI calls Melina “undoubtedly one of the greats in moral theology of this century” whose “human theological scientific merits are beyond question.”

He notices that Melina defended a Catholic moral theology with “courage and competence” and thus was able to develop his own creativity. “Unfortunately, I am not in a position to write an article for the Festschrift myself. I will find a way to assure Don Livio of my friendship and admiration,” Benedict concludes.

For those who remember what happened at the time, these words are a resounding slap in Francis’ face. Before Melina became a professor at the Institute, he was Cardinal Ratzinger’s close collaborator at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Picture: Joseph Ratzinger, Livio Melina, #newsWixfsavffm
Since Benedict is no longer pope, his endorsement carries even less weight than the gushy letter of praise Francis wrote for Fr. James Martin.
Hugh N. Cry
...yet we will feel the sting
Louis IX
Oh no! When did this happen?