Cardinal Müller Celebrates Again Glorious Roman Mass (Pictures)

During a retreat that Cardinal Müller preached at the Roman Rite Clear Creek Benedictine Abbey, Oklahoma, he celebrated a November 7 Pontifical High Mass in the abbey's Church.

TuDomine.WordPress.com believes he latched onto the Roman Rite when he celebrated it first in Le Barroux Monastery, France.

Damian Thompson harbours high hopes for the early retired Müller, “The odious bully Roche should think twice before picking a fight with Müller.”

Picture: Clear Creek, #newsNlnniwyzgg

Papa Montini celebrated Glorious Roman Mass again and again. So did Papa Wojtyla, Cardinal Kasper, DeLubac and Congar. Fr. Baum and Fr. Murray. Nice pictures are to be found somewhere.
Never thought I would see the day when Cdl. Muller returned to tradition. There is something terribly wrong in the Church when high ranking bishops, and cardinals have to wait until retirement in order to support the TLM.
There is nothing more beautiful on God's Earth than a picture like this.