Stop Thinking! Priest Prosecuted For Criticising Holy Cow

Father Paulo Antônio Mueller of Tapurah, Brazil, criticised in a June 13 homily a homosex journalist of the powerful Globo TV which doesn't tolerate dissenting voices.

One day after the homosexualist “Lovers’ Day” in Brazil, Mueller put things into perspective by saying that "dating is not like Globo showed this week: two viados [Portuguese for “faggots”], I’m sorry, two viados. A reporter with a little viado called Felipe, saying: ‘Prepare lunch, I’m coming home. I miss you, Felipe.’ Ridiculous,” Mueller observed.

He referred to the Book of Genesis which shows how God “created man and woman," thus constituting marriage. Mueller conceded that "they can call the union of two viados and two lesbians the way they want, but not marriage," noticing that this would be "a lack of respect towards God, it’s sacrilege, it’s blasphemy" because "marriage is something beautiful and dignified."

A video of the homily went viral, therefore Mato Grosso State prosecutors are investigating this criticism as "hate speech" on behalf of the oligarchs. The Brazil Supreme Court recently claimed that criticising the homosexual vice should be treated like acts of "racism" which Brazil treats as “crimes.”