Episcopal Vicar “Blesses” Sin

Lucio Pizzi, the mayor of Domodossola, a divorcee and “centre-right” politician, entered into a civil concubinage in the town hall on September 2.

The performance was hosted by deputy mayor Franco Falciola.

When it was over, Father Vincenzo Barone, Archpriest of Domodossola and episcopal vicar for Novara Diocese, was allowed a few moments in the limelight.

He “blessed” the concubinage using the Novus Ordo to “bless” the concubinage rings.

Until recently, Barone was the diocesan director of “family ministry” whatever the term “family” means to the Bergoglio party.


Opera 369
The 'operative' mantra among clerics, ecclesiastics, especially (and sadly) in Italy is: "no rigidity"! So, basically, anything goes, nothing is a sin as it has been doctrine for thousands of years. Now, they obey the new 'rainbowed, fluid, merciful, all welcoming, Pachamama, Kissing Tucho Fernandez, Bergoglian ..gospel! (it's a brainwashing to capsize the Catholic Apostolic Church, so clearly)
Denis Efimov
It is sacrilege to call on God to bless sin.
P. O'B
Blessing a "shacking up" -- Fr. Barrone now shares in the mortal sin.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
As sinful as this "union" is, at least it wasn't a homosexual one.