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Nuncio: "Madam! I Won't Change My Mind to Please You"

Ever since he became Nuncio in Switzerland, it has become a habit for him to quote in his sermons questions and answers from the Small Catechism of Pius X, said the excellent Archbishop Thomas Gullickson in his homily for Christ the King in Sankt Pelagiberg, Switzerland (, 25 October).

One of his quotes is: "Confirmation makes us soldiers of Christ." Afterwards, he said, it is "more than predictable" that some relative will lecture him during the following reception, saying: "This is no longer the way people talk about Confirmation today!

According to them, military language would not fit in with today's world, which strives for dialogue.

Gullickson confesses that he is then tempted to answer: "Madam! In view of the fact that this is a reception and these people are, contrary to all good intentions, not interested in real dialogue, we'd better leave the subject! I will not change my mind to do you a favour".