Grisly Blessing of Cardboard Parcels in St. Patrick's

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan blessed on July 11 in St. Patrick's Cathedral cremated remains of Mexicans who died with the coronavirus.

The ashes were piled up in dozens of stacked cardboard parcels, a setting that clearly bordered on a desecration of the dead or rather fulfilled the offence. The parcels were later loaded into a van to be transported to Mexico.

Mourners and members of the Armed Forces pretended that they saw nothing and carried and honoured the shabby parcels like proper coffins.


Be Ye Separate
Dolan allowed lesbians to participate in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, he has closed very many Catholic Schools (as poor mothers pleaded to him to keep them open), he participated in and praised the perverted fashion show that mocked our great Church...
Dolan is an enemy, against all Catholics.
Holy Christ Jesus, please humble this worldly, destructive creature. Amen.