Francis' Proxy Attacks Cardinals Müller, Sarah

Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández, the rector of the Catholic University of Argentina, a partisan of Pope Francis and specialist in the art of kissing, has viciously attacked the Cardinals Müller and Sarah.

Writing for La Nación (January 14) Fernández lamented about cardinals who allegedly “continue to think and to speak as they like, as if Francis would not be pope.”

An angry Fernández continues, “Do we perhaps not often ask ourselves the question why Francis did not get rid of Cardinal Müller who never hid a very different line of thought and even criticized Francis? And let us look at Cardinal Sarah who continues to propose to return celebrating Mass with the back to the people.”

In the past, Cardinal Müller has indirectly disputed the theological competence of Fernández.

Pope Francis has a history of using proxies in order to attack those who do not conform to his Modernist party line.

Picture: © Mazur, catholicnews.org.uk CC BY-SA, #newsLywrydwbtr
De Profundis
In this pontificate, you can't blame the Pope's aides. He knows exactly what's going on.
One might also wonder about Francis who continues "to think and to speak as (he likes), as if Francis would not be pope."