Episcopal Lay-Bishop Opposing Gay Ideology Restricted

The pro-gay Presiding Lay-Bishop of the U.S. Episcopalians, Michael Curry, placed a partial restriction on the ministry of Albany Lay-Bishop William Love, 61, because Love opposes gay pseudo-marriage.

Love holds that sexual intimacy is reserved for marriage and that homosexuals should remain celibate. He has appealed the decision.

In November 2018, Love wrote about the pro-gay Episcopal church,

"Recent statistics show that the Episcopal Church is spiraling downward... I can’t help but believe that God has removed His blessing from this Church. Unless something changes, the Episcopal Church is going to die."

Picture: Michael Curry, © Beth Crow, CC BY-SA, #newsWkdoracunj
Yep dying ... the only changes to make is to respect and obey the 10 COMMANDMENTS ..
.. all churches that are in denial of the 10 COMMANDMENTS are ''spiraling downward''
amen ...
true, love