Nunciatures: Protests Against Traditionis Custodes Have Started

A third weekly demonstration in front of the Nunciature in Paris is planed on July 31, Paix-Liturgique.org writes.

The first demonstration with eight people took place on July 16 in presence of Father Claude Barthe. The second followed on July 24 with more than 50 people. Their message: "Freedom for the traditional Mass!”

The weekly events are organised by lay Catholics, “It is about letting our pastors know the smell of their sheep,” Christian Marquant told Paix-Liturgique.org.

The group believes that many things will be at stake in autumn and will react immediately to possible manoeuvres of the enemies of liturgical reconciliation, “We are ready, the so-called world of Catholic tradition will not be crushed.”

According to Marquant traditional priests will be the most vulnerable, and certain prelates in charge do not hide it: “The traditional seminaries will be the main target.”

Father Barthe's dream is that in the coming weeks similar protests will gather in other cities, “Imagine that in a few months' time, demonstrations like ours will take place in front of fifty nunciatures.”


It is the Rosary, scapular first Saturday's and the consecration of Russia folks ....not protests!
it's not either or........... it's all AND