Sin Is No Love

Stay in the truth: Sin is no love

"Germany's largest gay association," said an acquaintance, gay too, talking about the German Catholic Church years ago. They can finally show their colors and hang out the flag, as in Cologne, Limburg, Stuttgart and elsewhere.

Love is not a sin, it cannot be, according to the new pandemic aberration in Machiavellian insinuation of the most famous Jesuit rule: "The end justifies the means." The world has long been rationalizing its sinfulness away, and by no means only with this - admittedly particularly conspicuous - topic. And after the Council believers * wide opened the windows to the world, the deluge of errors and confusions of this sinful world pours into this New Church. It will rise in it - and go under.

Love is no sin, love is no sin is wrong. Conversely, it becomes a shoe: Sin is no love, sin is not love. And in these shoes one can walk up the steep and narrow path that leads to life. (Matth. 7,14 2. Tim. 4)


* There can only be one thing, which of course means the 2nd Vatican Council, the "New Church", as its founding fathers affectionately and exuberantly called it.

Image source: Wikimedia - from Francis Danby
Sin Is No Love
Sin Is No Love
The reverse of the words is unhappy.
May sinners all deserve God's mercy.
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Sin Is No Love