Cardinal attacks SSPX, identifies Pachamama-Synod with Second Vatican Council

At the October 20 catacomb eucharist of some Synod delegates, the radical Brazilian Cardinal Cláudio Hummes, 85, launched an attack against the "Superior of the Lefebvrists, the Fraternity of Pius X" (video below).

Instead of speaking about Christ, Hummes mentioned in his sermon that this superior had said in an interview that his community was against the Amazon Synod.

To this Hummes replied triumphantly that one could not be against the Synod because it was "a legitimate fruit of the Second Vatican Council."

But since the Lefebrists had already opposed the Second Vatican Council, consequently they also had to be against the Synod, Hummes concluded. For this briliant thought he reaped laughter in his excited audience.

Encouraged by this, he called the state he had constructed himself, a "quite real irony".

Then he raised his arms and thanked God for "the beautiful fruit" of the Second Vatican Council although the Church experienced a dramatic collaps after this Council.

Hummes was promoted to Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy by Benedict XVI in 2006.

Picture: Cláudio Hummes, Davide Pagliarani, #newsXqmfrskxso

Strings and Pipes bless the Lord
Is that red thing supposed to be an altar?
"...it is a legitimate fruit of the Second Vatican Council..." BINGO ! Michael Matt's point exactly
What an honor for the SSPX to be attacked by a man such as this.