Francis Appoints A Second Private Secretary

Monsignore Fabio Salerno, a Vatican diplomat, has been appointed as a second private secretary of Francis on August 1.

Salerno has served in Indonesia and Strasbourg. He succeeds Egyptian Monsignor Yoannis Lahzi. Francis has so far retired three private secretaries. In the past, papal secretaries held their job for the duration of a pontificate gaining sometimes considerable influence.

Francis has been careful to surround himself with weak, faceless, incompetent, and compromised figures in order to preserve his personal power. Not letting his personal secretaries achieve any prominence is a part of this tactic.


Arthur McGowan
Alarm bell: pastel blue clerical shirt. Also, the Roman collar is NOT part of the liturgical vestments, and should not be showing.
Zechariah 4:06
I'm sure Bergolio likes how he fits into a pair of black slacks.