Holy Communion Astronaut Again Underway

Michael Hopkins is the commander of the Resilience spacecraft which docked to the International Space Station (ISS) on November 17 for six months.

ISS is a habitable satellite at an altitude of 400 kilometres which serves as a research laboratory and is visible to the naked eye from the earth.

During his first 2013 space mission Expedition 37/38, Hopkins, then a recent convert, brought consecrated hosts with him in order not to miss Communion during six-month.

His parish-priest and the Russian space agency allowed him to take hosts with him for Sundays and for two spacewalks, “It was helpful for me to know that Jesus was with me when I went out the hatch into the vacuum of space,” he said later.

It is likely but unconfirmed that Hopkins again transported hosts to the orbit.

Picture: Michael Hopkins, © NASA, CC BY-SA, #newsDwcrucojre

Umm, so he self-communicated? Pretty sure only priests can do that or faithful only when the Eucharist is in danger of being desecrated.
Wise man. Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich had lived 15 years on death bed without food, only Eucharist every day. God bless.
Blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it! (Lk 11:28)
P. O'B
No, this belittles the Mass, belittles Communion. Just don't take the astronaut job, pal.