France: Churches Burn Like Briquettes

The interior of the 13th century Gothic St Nicolas Collegiate Church in Avesnes-sur-Helpe, Northern France, which sports a 60m tower, was destroyed by an April 5 fire. The building's structre is not damaged.

A historic altarpiece was lost in the flames. Police took a man into custody who was seen on a surveillance video as the last person leaving the church before the fire broke out.

"We are no longer respected in our faith," a lady told Lci.fr (April 7). In recent years, there have been hundreds of attacks against Catholic churches in France, but nobody cares.


And in the USA?
Not so, @Salmo143 French synagogues have been burning like churches for nearly 20 years now. Even the article admits, "They appear to reflect the growing radicalization and anger of France's large Muslim population,"
Roberto 55
Was he moslem? No, just mentally weak, moslem...or maybe white supremacist with white privileliges...