Incredible: "Conservative" Bishop Closes Down Biggest Seminary in Argentina, Blames Vatican

Monsignor Eduardo Maria Taussig, the "conservative" bishop of the famous San Rafael Diocese, Argentine, announced the closing of the diocesan seminary with forty seminarians, the biggest in Argentina.

Taussig's spokesman claimed that the decision was "taken by the Holy See." He explained it as a punishment of those diocesan priests who refuse on grounds of conscience - not in a spirit of rebellion - Taussig's coronavirus decision to introduce Communion in the hand.

The seminarians have not opposed Communion in the hand. They will be relocated to other seminaries if they decide to remain. It's implausible that Rome is behind this closure because this is not how the Vatican proceeds.

Caminante-Wanderer-BlogSpot.com (July 28) explains the measure with Taussig's immature psychology and "petty and mean mentality." Punishing the seminary for something regarding the clergy is "retaliation" which is "typical of immature or sickly mentalities, or both," the blog explains.

Taussig did his doctorate at the Angelicum in Rome. He was a very quiet and circumspect young priest, always dressed in clericals, admired by the conservative seminarians who knew that he was born a bishop.

Picture: Eduardo Maria Taussig, #newsTayvonhieg

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