Ridiculous Accusations: Vatican Investigates Minnesota Bishop

Crookston Bishop Michael Hoeppner, 70, is the first sitting US bishop to be investigated under new “misconduct” protocols introduced by Pope Francis earlier this year.

CatholicNewsAgency.com (September 10) writes that Minneapolis’ Archbishop Bernard Hebda will be the inquisitor.

Hoeppner is accused of having thwarted an investigation of clerical sexual misconduct which allegedly happened 44 (!) years ago.

He “pressured” Ron Vasek, a former diaconal candidate, in 2015 to recant allegations that he was molested by a Crookston priest in 1971 [when Bishop Hoeppner was 22 years old]. Hoeppner has denied the charge.

One wonders whether the bishops do not have more serious problems - like investigating and stopping current liturgical and dogmatical abuses.

Picture: Michael Hoeppner, #newsUeumxkqtox
Please, Let's never belittle a victim of sexual abuse. That is just whats the Lavender Mafia wants.
How pathetic the complacency of our outlook on this present life is! The insubstantial little island of our "normal" existence will be washed away in the worlds beyond the tomb. Father Yelchanininov