Viganò: Trump Is “The One Who Opposes” the Children of Darkness

“It is you, dear President, who are ‘the one who opposes’ the deep state, the final assault of the children of darkness,” Archbishop Viganò wrote on October 25 in a second letter to US President Donald Trump.

For Viganò, the imminent election in the U.S. are of “epochal importance.” Trumps adversary is also “our adversary,” he stresses: “It is the Enemy of the human race, He who is a murderer from the beginning (Jn 8:44).”

“Around you are gathered with faith and courage those who consider you the final garrison against the world dictatorship,” he tells Trump.

The alternative to Trump is for him a person who is manipulated by the deep state, gravely compromised by scandals and corruption, who will do to the U.S. what Francis does to the Church, Conte to Italy, Macron to France, Sanchez to Spain etc.


Weren't you telling us the Second Coming was going to happen this year? @F M Shyanguya? Now it's WW3.
New Zealand has Covid internment camps now, but not as widely reported is that there are healthy people in Italy who have been detained for months in "quarantine hotels".
Whose playbook?
Alex A
F M 's, That's whose.