Augustinian General, “The Damage Done by Luther Was Enormous”

Martin Luther brought about the rupture of Western Christianity and laid the foundations for secularism and secularization, writes the Augustinian Prior General Father Alejandro Moral Antón in a letter to his order (September 28). Luther was an Augustinian himself.

Father Moral adds that "Luther not only abandoned the Order but abhorred religious life with all his might, rejected ascetic practices and piety, rejected praying the breviary and other obligations, radically altered sacramental theology, condemned the vows and promoted the abandonment and the mass exodus of vowed religious.”

And, “The damage done to the Order and to religious life in Germany was enormous.”

Picture: Luther in Hell, by Egbert II van Heemskerck, #newsUkfldsdjvh
Valiant Woman
Good picture. Good priest!
Let's commemorate the Reformation - as we do World Wars and catastrophes.
Fair play to him! A True Priest who calls a spade 'a spade'! It will be interesting to see if he gets re-elected as General of his Order. Catholics: know your Faith, your Scriptures and know your History and so be armed for battle.