Circus Bergoglio: Cardinal Lacunza in the News Again

First, Cardinal José Luis Lacunza of David, Panama, mysteriously disappeared for 48 hours, later calling it a "stupid prank". Now his private computer has also disappeared.

The Diocese of David said that in the early hours of Wednesday morning "several unknown persons" entered the premises of the bishop's compound and stole an iPad and Cardinal Lacunza's personal laptop, nothing else.

Late on Wednesday afternoon local time, a high profile police operation was carried out by criminal investigation officers at the diocesan premises.

The television channel showed Lacunza disguised as a layman in a blue tracksuit inside the grounds of the bishop's residence, which is heavily fortified and surrounded by high fences and barbed wire. There were no signs of forced entry on the video.

After an extensive operation in the area, the police managed to locate a 25-year-old man who matched the description given by witnesses and who was in possession of the iPad.

After Lacunza's disappearance, the Panamanian authorities called him a "victim" but refused to clarify these strange events, hiding behind respect for privacy and the rights of the "victim".

The unanswered question: If Lacunza is a "victim", what was the crime committed against him?


So…..what’s on that hard drive, Your Eminence? Kiddie porn?🤔