Will Francis Abolish Benedicts’ “Pope Emeritus”?

Francis may soon promulgate an Apostolic Constitution regulating the resignation of a pope and his status following a resignation, Maria Antonietta Calabrò speculates on HuffingtonPost.it (August 23).

The intention would be to avoid misleading interpretations on the existence of two popes, on their cohabitation, on the thesis of "an enlarged papacy" and on other strange theories.

Calabrò doesn’t exclude that under the new law there will not be any “Pope Emeritus” at all.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsRsifhopviq

The present ridiculous situation is intolerable. JP2 was very explicit that popes could not resign - then, lo and behold, his immediate successor does precisely that. Such self-contradiction makes the papacy laughable.
Fr Dan
This has caused a huge confusion among the faith. If a pope clearly resigns the papacy, not in part, but in whole, they should be known as Cardinal.
P. O'B
Don't you think he should be called simply "Bishop"? But I agree, there has been great confusion. And I blame Ratzinger -- he should have found a black cassock somewhere (!), left Rome for a monastery, and never said a word. But then again, I also think he was forced out...and maybe still is the Holy Father, if not much of one.
Actually A Catholic

And I anticipate the Bergoglio will only make the situation worse with whatever he is cooking up.
I think a retired pope - if there has to be such a thing - should be a simple priest. No honours, nothing. Merely what he is.
I'm disinclined to think he would want to take an opener to that can of worms😂.
atreverse pensar
It may be because he is also preparing his resignation.