Cardinal Sarah On Nice Attack: “We Africans Know This All Too Well”

A Muslim stabbed and beheaded three people during Mass at the Notre Dame Basilica in Nice, France, shouting “Allahu Akbar” (October 29).

Cardinal Robert Sarah wrote on that the West must wake up to the threat of "Islamism” - which the same West finances in secular Arabic countries.

According to Sarah, Islam will not stop its war, "Unfortunately, we Africans know this all too well. The barbarians are always the enemies of peace.”

In the spirit of Fratelli tutti, Nice Bishop André Marceau wrote that his sadness is "infinite" as "a human being witnessing what other beings, called humans, can commit.”


This is a former PM of Malaysia
Trying to blame saint John Paul II for tragedy is FALSE LEAD. Do not do it.
It is satanic lead.
F M Shyanguya
On of their foot soldiers [cf Ultraviolet is Illuminati!] who I have just outed here, doing exactly that. See their comments. Corroborating my outing of them.
Woman beheaded in French Church was 70 year old worshipper
comfort ye
Dang! Time to start packing heat! Thank God for the 2nd amendment! (and Florida laws)