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Surprise Announcement: Cardinal Will Not Attend World Meeting of Families

Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley withdraws from participating at next week’s pro-gay World Meeting of Families in Dublin, he announced on August 15. O'Malley was supposed to moderate a panel on child … mentioned this post in Second Cardinal Withdraws From World Meeting of Families.
Le Volcan de Dublin va cracher du soufre...
Jim Dorchak
I think that he would like to remain in a neutral corner as a "Secret Homosexual" until after he is elected Pope after the Holy and Merciful Future Saint Our Pope Francis. He can come out of his lowly haunts as a good guy willing to stand up for the victims... another worm.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Remember when Pope Francis issued that Motu Proprio that created an automatic bishop-removal system at his discretion, and we all said it would only be used against "conservatives" who opposed the Kasper/Bergoglio Plan to reshape the Church in McCarrick's image?
He likely sees no point in attaching his name to Bergoglio's NAMBLA conference.
angry bob
Cancel the whole damn thing along with the youth synod. Both synods are going to push the homosexual adgenda. Sick of it all.
St. Bernardino of Sienna regarding women who suffered the misfortune of being married to secret homosexuals: "The greater a sodomite a man is, the more he will hate his wife, regardless of how beautiful she may be."
good he is gone -now at least three more gay-friendly including Fr Martin should not soil my country , stay at home please.