Courtesy of the Unz Review Non-White Migrants and the Catholic Church The Politics of Penitence Tom Sunic • April 29, 2017
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Saint Pius V - April 30

breski1 St. Pius V, Pope (1504-1572) A Dominican friar from his fifteenth year, Michael Ghislieri, as a simple religious, as inquisitor, as bishop, and as cardinal, was famous for his intrepid defence of the Church's faith and discipline, and for … [더보기]
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This video explains how to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass.
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PAPALOTRY, RIP: Pope Ignites Counterrevolution

Breitbart links to The Remnant's Open Letter to President Trump, asking for an investigation into U.S. interference in Pope Benedict's resignation, after Italian archbishop says Benedict resigned under "tremendous pressure." Plus, a Protestant … [더보기]
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TEMPTING CHRIST: Satan's Last Stand

SUNDAY SERMON. Father offers commentary on Satan's recorded words in Holy Scripture, especially his desperate attempt to tempt Christ in the desert. Why did St. Augustine call the Cross "Satan's trap"?
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Christ,s look is of humillity but confident ,because He is in control ,The enemy ,s is forcefull agression pushy
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Fr. Michael Rodriguez-Blasphemy, Heresy, and Impurity 8-15-16

www.youtube.com/watch +J.M.J.+ Produced by the Saint Vincent Ferrer Foundation of Texas, svfonline.org Special Conference: This was a talk similar to the one Father Rodríguez gave at the Fatima Center Conference in St. Louis (but somewhat more … [더보기]
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Roberto 55
Very nice. Father Michael is saying catholic truth and I am going to watch it again...
Father Des
It is fantastic to see you again dear Father Rodriguez. I have been profoundly moved by your words and hope that soon you will be ministering to the … [더보기]
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Tucker Carlson Takes on Mark Hetfield from HIAS

Liberals not only dodge questions but their arrogance is over the top. I think that we the American people should be asked for our opinion before any of our tax dollars are used for social programs - especially by NGOs.
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The king of side steppers NGO's out to pad their own pockets.Not considering the good of the country.

Migrant Re-Settlement

I know iExect's early in the Executive Order mill but why is this issue being put on the back burner? This should be first order of business.
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President Trump vs. pseudo Pope Francis

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Francis should publicly apologize not only to the US President but also to the entire world public! President Trump already on the day of his inauguration took decisive steps to save Christianity and moral values: - he rolled back (priority) LGBT … [더보기]
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Three Masses to express the content of Christmas

Father Reto Nay 23rd of December 2010 Sedrun, Switzerland
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Thank you for this beautiful meditation in the beautiful church of Sedrun.
Holy Cannoli
I did a quick analysis of the video posted 6 years ago and the video that was filmed 8 months ago. I commented 6 years ago that your hand gestures … [더보기]
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New Seminary Blessing - Dillwyn, Virginia - November 4, 2016

Enclosed in over 1,000 acres, three times the size of our current property, the new St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary will stand overlooking the property with the Blue Ridge Mountains as its backdrop. It is located in Buckingham County, Virginia, 30 miles south of Charlottesville and 75 miles west of Richmond.
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Liberals Trying to Ban the Bible from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble

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It takes a lot of courage to do this,God bless your efforts to prove the continuing degradation of mankind.
It is sad ,even in our own families we have some that dont stand for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus anymore
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O Sanctissima - "the Cathedral Singers", dir. Richard Proulx

Hymne à l'Immaculée du XVIIIè siècle O Sanctissima O Piissima Dulcis Virgo Maria Ô Très Sainte, Ô Très Pieuse Douce Vierge Marie Mater amata intemerata Ora ora pro nobis Mère ayant été aimée sans tache Priez, priez pour nous Tota pulchra es O Maria … [더보기]
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Wundervoll Danke
@Vered Lavan Ja, beten wir, dass der Geist zurückkehrt....
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Catholic Inspiration with Fr. Rodriguez

www.youtube.com/watch Catholic Inspiration with Fr. Rodriguez - The Angel of Fatima and Reparation at Mass. - CI002
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Watch and listen many of his sermons /youtube.com: www.youtube.com/results JESUS and MARIA [더보기]
God's priest. Good priest. Touched by many persecution from Church people. Let's pray for him. JESUS and MARIA
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Cardinal Burke challenges Pope's relegation of the Latin Mass

Cardinal Burke has challenged Pope Francis' statement in an interview with Fr Antonio Spadaro that relegates the celebration of the Latin Mass to being an "exception". News of Cardinal Burke's response to Pope Francis' statement comes two weeks …
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Lionel L. Andrades
Even Michael Voris attends the Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo Mass with the new ecclesiology. Is Michael Voris really saying the un-thinka… [더보기]
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Pope Francis grieves, prays for atheist revolutionary Castro

Pope Francis grieves, prays for atheist revolutionary Castro ReutersNovember 26, 2016 VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis said the death of Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro was "sad news" and that he was grieving and praying for his repose. …
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EXCLUSIVE: Jerusalem - Archeology, A Closer Look Inside Christ's Unsealed Tomb, 30.10.2016.

EXCLUSIVE: Jerusalem - A Closer Look Inside Christ's Unsealed Tomb | National Geographic, 30.10.2016. Link: www.youtube.com/watch Travel-report about ISRAEL, The Holy Land: ISRAEL - Biblical Tour.
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Vered Lavan
I had been there in the years 2010 and 2011! -- ISRAEL - Biblical Tour. - Take a trip to ISRAEL !!
Vered Lavan
I had been there in the years 2010 and 2011! -- ISRAEL - Biblical Tour. - Take a trip to ISRAEL !!
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The Lutheran Pope: Ecu-Maniacs in Sweden

Courtesy of The Remnant. Ecu-Maniacs hard at work incorporating the Catholic Church into the One World Religion because after all "we worship the same god"
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What happened during Jayda's trial

Make no mistakes my friends this is war. Europe is fighting for its Christian heritage. USA will be challenged even with a Trump presidency.
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