War Pontificate:

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War Pontificate: Pope Francis is considered a peacemaker on the world stage, now even between the U.S. and North Korea. But within his Church he has unleashed a world war, writes Sandro Magister. … More
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Uncle Joe
“a healthy belly”

A much more charitable term than wicked alternatives such as pre-hypertensive, pre-stroke, pre-heart disease, pre-diabetic, fat slobs.
Pontificado de guerra: El Papa Francisco es considerado un pacificador en el escenario mundial, ahora incluso entre los Estados Unidos y Corea del Norte. Pero dentro de su Iglesia ha desencadenado una guerra mundial, escribe Sandro Magister. Y, cita, "Francisco no está haciendo nada para poner la casa nuevamente en orden". (Gloria TV Noticia)
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Católicos Apostólicos mentioned this post in El Vaticano de Bergoglio hizo una sustitución blasfema de la crucifixión.
Why doesnt Pope Francis get all these people coming to Europe to go to Argentina ,
Some good news for Catholics. Yesterday in Warsaw there was an official premiere of the documentary movie "Luther and Protestant Revolution" directed by Grzegorz Braun. Distributor is planning to make the movie with English subtitles for English speaking viewers.
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Jim Dorchak
Right now Chile is in the middle of UN run experiment with Immigrants. The Chilean government has taken in thousands of HAITIAN immigrants in the hopes of only God knows what. Chile has had a population that is less than .25% black. So these new people are now sticking out like step children and are instantly being relegated to the streets.
It seems like the relocation of the poor from on nation … More
The Italians, like the rest of us in the West, are going to see their economy tank and the simple reason is that they have not had enough children. They have an aging population and they will go belly up. It's probably too late for them. I doubt even opening their borders to allcomers would save them from disaster. The rest of us are following not far behind.