Cognitive Assessment for the Hierarchy?

On January 10, 2018 a physical and cognitive examination was given to President Donald Trump. The results were presented in an hour long Q & A session with the loons in the American press corps yest…
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Uncle Joe
A small twist to the cognitive testing..Every priest in every parish would have their own section of the parish website where each priest would list … Mai multe
@Uncle Joe , not having English as mother tongue may result is much poorer values either for Catholic hierarchy members or myself - eg. I am not … Mai multe
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Happy Feast of the Ass

The Feast of the Ass (Latin: Festum Asinorum or asinaria festa, French: Fête de l’âne) was a medieval, Christian feast observed on January 14, celebrating the Flight into Egypt. Fleeing persecu…
Uncle Joe
It is painfully obvious that the Catholics who have offered their critical analysis of the artwork depicted with this post have absolutely no clue … Mai multe
Uncle Joe
Rafał during his life here on earth was always portrayed and symbolized by true Catholics as alert, vigilant and cautious man So then, Joseph never … Mai multe
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Cardinal Burke calls resignation of BXVI into question

In a December 21st interview with the newspaper of the Diocese of Macau (China), Cardinal Raymond Burke was asked to comment on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Link
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Rafał_Ovile Actually, as a layman, you have the duty of making your concerns known to your bishop and to the Pope. I would suggest, though, that in … Mai multe
BrTom what can a laymen without juridical authority "do"? As far as I know a lay person may only opinion orally and writtenly on basis of CL 212. Opinion and pray.

Facebook Takes Down 'Warriors for Christ' Page Citing Policy on Bullying, Hate Speech

Facebook has unpublished the Facebook page associated with the pre-denominational Christian ministry "Warriors for Christ," an organization that opposes homosexuality and abortion, on grounds that …
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Warrior for Christ Facebook guy hates on Catholics. No loss. People should stop using Facebook. Let it become the cesspool of depravity it's owners … Mai multe

Former Muslims who became christians write to His Holiness Pope Francis

More than 1,700 converts from Islam to Christianity have signed an open letter - Link - to Pope Francis, protesting the Pontiff’s public statements affirming the value of the Muslim faith. “Don’t …
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Uncle Joe
Excerpt from the letter: "If Islam is in itself a good religion, as you seem to teach, why did we become Catholic?" they ask. "Do not your words … Mai multe
Go along and sign the petition!

Top 10 Reasons Students Should Attend the March for Life

Anyone who has ever attended the March for Life knows that it’s the pro-life generation which makes up the fast and energetic majority of marchers braving the cold to be a voice for the voiceless. …
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Uncle Joe
I couldn't find "Top 10 Reasons Bishops Should Attend the March for Life". However, I did stumble across this and, of course, there's this.
Don Reto Nay
I am waiting for the article: "Top 10 Reasons Bishops Should Attend the March for Life".

Pope circulates Nagasaki image under heading, ‘The fruit of war’

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Francis, for this holiday period, asked that a small card be printed and distributed, which on its reverse side carries the inscription, “The fruit of war,” running above the pope’s signature. The … Mai multe
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Joseph a' Christian
The pagan japanese worshipped their emporer as their god. The numerous dead japanese pagans, was a result of them fanatically offering their lives … Mai multe
Maybe the pope should say something like this: Christ is peace. Without Him there can be no peace. Just sayin..
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Merry Christmas from Bethlehem

Jerusalem violence puts damper on Christmas in Bethlehem
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thats too bad
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Bishop Schneider Offers Hope Amidst Crisis Permitted by “Divine Providence”

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As the ecclesiastical crisis continues to deepen in 2017, I have found myself facing a certain exhaustion; a feeling that, while knowing the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, that … Mai multe
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Barrio Ratas - (Hood Rats)

They are everywhere! Mai multe
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there is one Jorje even in the guesthouse isn't it
Uncle Joe
The hood rats have arrived on
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Valentine's Day

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Today, everybody (but the Catholic [New-]Church) celebrated Saint Valentine. How long will they still insist on not finding a proper date to celebrate Cyrill and Method?
Well, I'm not going to deny my family the opportunity to show me affection with my favorite bittersweet chocolate, and I'll still write sweet, … Mai multe
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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Allowed Actress to ‘Share the Light of Christ’ (Video)

Actress Candace Cameron Bure visited TheBlaze newsroom Thursday on the heels of concluding her “Dancing With the Stars” TV competition, where she praised the show as an exhilarating, yet exhaustin…
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Restraining orders

Photo ~ Preparations were well under way at Manger Square in Bethlehem ahead of the Pope's visit The Pope will be accompanied by a rabbi and an imam - friends from his native Argentina - and hopes …
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Pope Faces Serious Health Concerns

As Pope Francis begins a trip to the Holy Land on Saturday with a rigorous schedule that could be challenging even for the healthiest person, Vatican insiders are raising questions about the pontiff'…
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That is bizarre. Pope Benedict looks healthy and some say he resigned because poor health. Pope Francis looks weak and he took the job.
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Bishop Paprocki issues a decree of excommunication

That pretty much sums up Bishop Paprocki’s response to a local Catholic woman’s recent attempt to get ordained. The woman in question is Mary F. Keldermans of Springfield. Bishop Paprocki wrote to …
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More Bishops need to excommunicate people!
Holy Cannoli
Good for Bishop Paprocki but this excom was an easy call. Keldermans is a nobody and everyone knows that her sponsoring organization, Roman Catholi… Mai multe
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Is The Future Of Catholicism Protestantism?

Simpsons' Protestant Vs. Catholic Heaven Catholicism’s Protestant future is already in its past. I am referring, of course, to the Second Vatican Council. The Rad Trads have a point: consciously or …
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Go back 100 years and the Catholic faith looks completely different! This is NOT a good thing!
Prof. Leonard Wessell
Luther 1. denied the ontological reality of the Church as being the mystical presence of Christ and thereby made the "Church" into a mere assembly … Mai multe
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Boko Haram leader pledges war against Christians

Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Islamic militant group Boko Haram, has made it clear that the recent abduction of nearly 300 mostly Christian schoolgirls in Nigeria is not merely about denying …
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Pope's Holy Land trip overshadowed by politics

Photo ~ "Price tag" attack on Church property in Jerusalem (Photo: AFP) When Pope Francis sets foot in the Holy Land at the end of the month, he'll be treading on diplomatic eggshells at virtually …
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What’s morally acceptable? It depends on where you live

Click for larger image The Pew Research Center asked people in 40 countries about what is morally unacceptable, morally acceptable or not a moral issue. The issues included: married people having an …
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