Another Smear Against the Vatican: “Repulsive in Every Line”

Another Smear Against the Vatican: “Repulsive in Every Line” The French homosexual Frédéric Martel, who is close to the French Socialist Pparty, will soon publish his propaganda book “Sodoma” in … More
Holy Cannoli
Another Smear Against the Vatican: “Repulsive in Every Line” Yes, how convenient for Francis on the eve of the abuse crisis summit that such a book … More

Christians Help Jew to Heal Homosexuals

Religious-Jewish Therapist Fights for Healing Homosexuals Licensed psychologist Dr. David Schwartz is fighting for the right to heal homosexuals. He is a member of the Lubavitcher Orthodox Jewish … More
Also California. No God-fearing person should support in any way the present political "powers that be" in California. Are we not all responsible in … More
Don Reto Nay
The religious Jews do what the Church is supposed to do. Imagine the Church would live according its true believes they way they live according to … More

Outlet Close to Francis Calls Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate “Prostitutes”

Outlet Very Close to Francis Calls Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate “Prostitutes” The ultra-Bergoglist Italian news-site has run amok against the Franciscans of the Immaculate who are … More
Holy Cannoli
The FaroDiRoma writes that some sisters were – quote – “pushed to offer their favours to benefactors” of the institute. It does not explain what this… More
Stop the thief !

The Incredible Seer Alois Irlmaier – a Countryman of Joseph Ratzinger

The Bavarian well builder Alois Irlmaier is a little known German Catholic seer who died in 1959. He was endowed with extraordinary gifts. When Irlmaier was accused of clairvoyance which was a crime … More
Don Reto Nay
@DJRESQ: There are many "political" prophecies of Irlmaier but I wonder sometimes whether they stem from him. In which context did he pronounce … More
Holy Cannoli
Again, I ask: If an alleged seer makes a prophecy, and that prophecy has not yet taken place, does that mean the prophecy is "wrong"? Whether or not … More There Were Severe Problems Already Before Francis

03:45 There Were Severe Problems Already Before Francis Already before Pope Francis turned the Pontifical Academy for Life upside down, there were problems, the Austrian-born philosoph… More
Dr Bobus
Saying that Catholics faithful to doctrine were rigid was common in the 1970s. Francis is a 1970s Jesuit.

Cardinal Dolan Is “All Bark and No Bite”

Cardinal Dolan Is “All Bark and No Bite” Joseph Matt has called New York Cardinal Dolan’s statement against the barbaric and heinous New York abortion laws that include infanticide – quote – “both … More
with other words Dolan is a dog
The prophesy at the end is unusual for news...

Help Monsignor Antonio Livi – A Hero of the Catholic Faith

Secularized Cardinal During World Youth Day During World Youth Day in Panama, high-ranking cardinals give the impression of a Church that has secularized itself. Cardinal Piero Parolin had, for … More
Col. Buckshot
Thank-you May God please Bless you!
Holy Cannoli
Rabbi – Not Bishops – Defends Catholic School Boys the Catholic school boys who wore Make America Great Again caps during the Washington March for … More

Francis Plays the Fear-Card

Pope Francis Mournes Russian Journalist On his flight to Panama, Pope Francis asked the journalists on the plane to pray for the late Russian journalist Alexey Bukalov. He was the ITAR-TASS bureau … More
No wall today, no country tomorrow. We need to fear that reality, and work and pray that we can stay "One People, Under God."
Holy Cannoli
Francis Plays the Fear-Card It is fear that makes you crazy adding, These are walls of fear. The Pontifical Swiss Guard, the small army of around … More

Pope Francis Has A Spin Doctor

Pope Francis Has A Spin Doctor Pope Francis has a spin doctor who pushes the Church to the left, writes the pro-Francis Italian newspaper Il Giornale. The paper identifies the spin doctor as pro-gay … More
GJA Taylor
After Pope Francis is dead, the next Pope will need to prioritise the complete suppression of the dreadful Jesuit order.
Holy Cannoli
Pope Francis Has A Spin Doctor More

Evangelicals Criticise “Evangelical” Pope Francis

Another Bomb Will Explode in the Vatican in a Few Months A book is about to be published in the coming months which deals with the grooms of homosexual Roman Curia prelates since the time of John … More
Jim Dorchak
Seems that Puzzuto does not what his job is... the salvation of souls.
Holy Cannoli
Another Bomb Will Explode in the Vatican in a Few Months More

Francis Gives Tip to Parents

Francis Gives Tip to Parents Yesterday, the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, Pope Francis baptised in the Sistine Chapel 27 children. During his short homily, he advised the parents, among other … More
I really hope that there are more actors who speak up about the garbage that goes on in hollywood
Holy Cannoli
Neal McDonough, “I Am Very Religious” McDonough is not the only actor who refuses to “interact” with opposite sex co-stars. Whether it's bad breath, … More

The Four Points of Cardinal Brandmüller

The Four Points of Cardinal Brandmüller Cardinal Brandmüller was unfairly maligned for stressing the relation between clerical abuses and homosexuality, Bill Donohue wrote. He noticed that Brandmülle… More
Jim Dorchak
Weird times when we breath a sigh of relief when we find out a priest groped a woman! Sad times....indeed.

Drunk in the Spirit?

Francis Admits, "We Chased the Alluring Glow of Power" Yesterday, during his Epiphany homily, Pope Francis admitted – quote, "How many times have we chased the alluring glow of power and the limeligh… More
Holy Cannoli
What happened to the “Keine nackten Kunden” story? Did the subject matter of the story (naked schnitzel) so upset the wonderful news … More
Col. Buckshot
Thank-you for your continued work. May God please Bless you with the greatest abundance! May Our Lady Cover you with Her Mantle of Protection! May … More

Young People Respond to Passionate Conviction [Not to Bergoglio Catholicism]

Without God, Christmas is just tinsel, Greg Sheridan, the foreign editor of The Weekend Australian wrote on December 22 in an article for the same newspaper. Sheridan notices that Western secularism … More
Col. Buckshot
Thank-you. Merry Christmas! He is Born! :D
To follow Christianity ! ,you have to follow the One that said ,iam the way ,the Truth and Life ,JESUS

The Background of the Nomination of the New Vatican Editor-in-Chief

The Background of the Nomination of the New Vatican Editor-in-Chief Marco Tosatti, a high-profile Catholic Vaticanista, has surprisingly welcomed the nomination of the journalist Andrea Tornielli as … More
Holy Cannoli
Sunamis 46
Birds with the same feather Flock together More
2 2K

A Grotesque Practice That Must Be Opposed

Pro-Francis National Catholic Reporter Accuses Francis of "Clericalism" The National Catholic Reporter, a rabidly pro-Francis outlet, has accused Pope Francis of – quotation marks – "clericalism". … More

Old Rite Priest Claims that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Was Sedevacantist

Old Rite Priest Claims that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Was Sedevacantist The Catholic Register, owned by the Archdiocese of Toronto, published on November 30 an article about the Old Rite Priestly … More
Holy Cannoli
He sees you when you're sleepin’ He knows when you're awake He knows if you've been bad or good So be good for goodness sake… More

The Country Where 90% of the Catholics Go to Mass

The Country Where 90% of the Catholics Go to Mass In Pakistan 90% of the Catholics practice their faith, Mgr Joseph Arshad, the Archbishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi and President of the Bishops’ … More
Vered Lavan
A wounderful monastery of the Tradition!: Our Lady Of Guadalupe Monastery Silver City NM.
Ordo Militaris Radio
that is so amazing, about the Catholics in Pakistan.

Francis Mercy Hits the Familia Christi Hard

Francis Mercy Hits the Familia Christi Hard The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei under Cardinal Ladaria published a December 1 decree, imposing Roman Auxiliary Bishop Daniele Libanori as the new … More
Julianne Wiley
Please! We need to find ways to financially support and sustain the Traditional Catholic communities exiled by the Regime Bishops. Someone in these … More
They hate the traditional because they know it is a true mass. They love the Novus Ordo because it is protestant.

Cardinal "Full of Hope" For Future of Church

Cardinal «Full of Hope» For Future of Church Cardinal Angelo Scola, the former archbishop of Milan, the world’s biggest diocese, presented last Thursday his autobiography in Lecco, Italy. During the … More
alex j
Because of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, [Holy Ghost Bishop of all African missions] we have a Cardinal of Sarah's statute.