The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Hoax

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue has called the Pennsylvania grand jury report on alleged clerical abuses an "ongoing war on the Catholic Church", strewn with lies, hypocrisy, bigotry, and corruption. … More
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Fiel al Evangelio
Bill Donohue: I Knew About McCarrick President of Catholic League admits he knew and did nothing…/bill-donohue-i-… Donohue … More
Hmm, a fair few priests were greviously maligned. One or two cases involve priests remaining in prison because of a refusal to take a plea bargain … More

Why the Usually Talkative Popes, Bishops And Priests are So Silent...

Why the Usually Talkative Popes, Bishops And Priests are So Silent... The abuse allegations against Cardinal McCarrick confirm what many have suspected for a long time, Pia de Solenni, the chancellor… More
Noticias de Gloria TV: Las acusaciones de abuso contra el Cardenal McCarrick confirman lo que muchos han sospechado durante mucho tiempo, escribió … More
UnOrthodox schismatics are NOT Christians. (read the Nicene Creed) One Church, One Faith, One Christ Jesus. More

This Is the "Most Subversive" Strategy the Church Must Undertake

Glen Stanton has quoted in The Federalist the Greek-Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart who wrote that the most “subversive and effective strategy we might undertake [to counter the culture] … More
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This video is still not playable

Christianity is GROWING in the U.S.

Christianity in the U.S. Is Growing Stronger And Stronger U.S. Christianity is not shrinking but growing stronger, Glen Stanton writes in The Federalist. Referring to a Harvard Research he states … More
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Horrible reporting by gloria tv. Heretics are growing, not Christians. Joel Osteen is an anti-Christ, evil thief, who fills his whole stadium with … More
Angie W.
Now someone wants to forbid us Catholic to tell the truth, someone seeks to silence us in this forum. Someone is still deleting our artic… More

"Catholic" Church Hires Leading Pro Death Politician

Beyond Belief: "Catholic" Church Hires Leading Pro Death Politician Caritas Vienna, a relief organization controlled by Vienna Archdiocese, hired Judith Schwentner as head of a newly created Competen… More
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Increíble: La Iglesia "católica" contrata a líder política pro-muerte: Caritas Viena, una organización de socorro controlada por la Arquidiócesis de … More
Pope Bergoglio's kind of woman, not an abortionist like his beloved Emma Bonino, but someone who thinks like him.

There Will Be No «Deal» For the Next 12 Years

There Will Be No «Deal» For the Next 12 Years The final statement of the July General Chapter of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X refers explicitly to the declaration made by Archbishop Lefebvre … More
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SSPX - USA District
Thank you for the coverage on our important General Chapter this month. Here is additional news coverage!
El obispo argentino retirado Juan Rodolfo Laise, un verdadero confesor de la Fe y luchador contra la Comunión en la mano, señaló en una entrevista … More

Gay-Ideology Only for the West

Even Obama Noticed It Speaking in Johannesburg on Tuesday, former U.S. President Barack Obama alluded to the World Cup-winning French soccer team, saying, “Not all of those folks looked like Gauls … More
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Holy Cannoli
Accusations Against Bishop cut the priests’ mess [sic] stipends My cousin had her dog’s “mess stipends” cut. He was never the same. More

Catholic Church Used as Backstage for Transvestite Party

Catholic Church Used as Backstage for Transvestite Party Father Fernando Báez, dressed in yellow, of the parish in La Breña, Gran Canaria, Spain, offered his church as a backstage for participants … More
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So I suppose Father Baez will now be fast tracked to bishop?
InfoVaticana: (Fernando Báez) in a local television program came to deny the Marian apparitions of Our Lady of the Pino, venerated since 1481. “She … More

Is Pope Francis’ Pontificate the Stalin Area of the Catholic Church?

Is Pope Francis’ Pontificate the Stalin Era of the Catholic Church? Pope Francis speaks about “collegiality” and “decentralisation” but he governs like a brutal, merciless autocrat. The most recent … More
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Maudie N Mandeville
Stalin or stain, they both work.
Joseph a' Christian
Duterte is a vile murderer. Our Almighty God is wonderful: creator of beautiful maple trees, polar bears, the moon... More

Promoting Mass-Emigration is Evil

Cardinal’s Father Shot Five Killing One Neo Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako, the Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon, Iraq, told about the story of his family which in 1925, during the … More
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@Poitiers Integration is going so well, they're defiantly remembering their fallen in a battle that happened 1286 years ago, which was against their … More
Holy Cannoli
Saddam Hussein Helped the Later Cardinal Cardinal Sako personally met then president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, who later was murdered by American … More

English Jesuits Have (Involuntary?) Humour

English Jesuits Have (Involuntary?) Humour The British Jesuits have announced that a new research institute will be opened in September 2019 at the Jesuits’ Campion Hall, which is part of Oxford … More
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always good. Thank you so much.
Holy Cannoli
English Jesuits Have (Involuntary?) Humour The new research institutes from the Jesuits come as no surprise. They simply share many of their views … More

Miraculous Cardinal

Incident During Old Rite Confirmation Performed By Bishop Schneider Bishop Athanasius Schneider dropped a host during a Confirmation in the Old-Rite Cistercian Abbey of Hohenfurth, Bohemia, on June … More
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Holy Cannoli
Incident During Old Rite Confirmation Performed By Bishop Schneider Presumably, the host got caught in the bishop’s sleeve. I don’t buy it. How does … More

Islam Invades Africa

Macron Behaving with Pope Francis Like a School-Boy On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron, a stooge of the oligarchs who run France, met Pope Francis. At the end of the audience Macron gave … More
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Joseph a' Christian
Too bad that Macron was not Catholic, he could have grabbed that anti-Christ by the throat. Shake False Francis vigorously. Christ Jesus Is God. More
Holy Cannoli
Macron Behaving with Pope Francis Like a School-Boy “Manu.” Isn’t that French for "granny lover"? More

Debate on Immigration is Naive, Hypocritical and Inconclusive

Debate on Immigration is Naive, Hypocritical and Inconclusive The European debate about immigration is naïve, hypocritical and inconclusive, Fulvio Scaglione writes on He takes … More
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Holy Cannoli
An Overdue Explanation Fr. Crean’s complete article from Voice of the Family goes into greater depth regarding Aquinas and conscience than the quot… More
13-17 is not adult.

Vatican’s Selective Justice

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Refused The Vatican crackdown on the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate continues. During the general assembly of the sisters in April in Rome Cardinal Braz de … More
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Sunamis 46
F1 does not like traditionalist at all and especially the latin mass

Is Pope Francis a Pagan?

Is Pope Francis a Pagan? Dr. Peter Jones, an English-born Presbyterian pastor in the U.S., has criticized Pope Francis’ assurance to a homosexual that – quote - “God made you that way”. For Jones … More
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Holy Cannoli
Dr. Peter Jones would make a much better Pope than Mr. clown Jorge! The brilliance, insightfulness and keen analysis of this post is something extrao… More

Cardinal Abuses Bible to Promote Illegal Mass-Immigration

No Case for Mercy Because Media Would Not Approve Pope Francis is about to decide the fate of 70-year-old Luis Fernando Figari, the founder of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, an Opus Dei-like … More
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Vered Lavan
Kilauea-Volcano in Hawaii throws out green gemstones (Peridot) !!: Kilauea Hawaii, Olivin-Edelsteine ausgestoßen und Ausbruch geht weiter!
(EN) Your country is waste, your cities burnt with fire; Your land before your eyes strangers devour (a waste, like Sodom overthrown) - Isaiah 1,7 More

Pope: Gay Pride Is an “Offence” and “Affront”

Gay Pride in Rome – Pope Francis Goes Into Hiding Last Saturday, a Gay Pride March took place in Rome while the local well-nourished prelates, including Pope Francis, went into silence and hiding. … More
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Holy Cannoli
Don Reto That dancing individual is simply a German Protestant who did the same celebratory dance when he found out that he could officially receiv… More
Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli: What does the dancing gentleman's regular occupation? Is he a bishop who in this video rehearses a liturgical dance?

Francis Takes Revenge On La Plata Archbishop

Francis Takes Revenge On La Plata Archbishop Pope Francis has taken revenge on respected La Plata Archbishop Héctor Aguer who is known for his courageous and Catholic stances. First, Francis replaced… More
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Did Our Lady Appear in the Cloud of Dust?

Trump’s Secretary of State Celebrates “Pride Month” Mike Pompeo, the United States’ Secretary of State, has engaged in gay propaganda through an official press release saying that – quote – “the … More
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Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli: Honestly, I am not convinced. Nobody expected Pompeo to do this, on the contrary. So why did he do it? To please the CNN? Should CNN … More
Sunamis 46
1 who trust the politicans anyways? They work for their own moneypocket I just trust in god No mrs merk el or. Anyonelse of them More