Jesuit Georgetown Allows Pro-Abortion Student Club to Operate on Campus

Your voice is urgently needed because: Scandal #1: Club promotes abortion. H*yas for Choice at Georgetown hosts an annual "Abortion Story Share" promoted by hash tag "#ShoutYourAbortion." The event …
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Read homicide...
At the beginning Jesuits were the emblem of orthodoxy, now are the worst sort of modernists. Saint Ignatius is crying! More

STOP Pro-Abortion Club on Catholic Campus

Sign your peaceful protest to Georgetown NOW:… No Catholic college should ever allow a pro-abortion club to operate on campus, much less the oldest… More
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Unsurprising sadly.

Unmasking the Socialism Hoax on Campus

Get the 10 Reasons to Reject Socialism here:… Please pray for our team of young volunteers who have been campaigning against the folly of socialism. … More
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Beating Socialism at Penn State

We had so much support for our campaign at Penn State today: unbelievable! TFP Student Action will be doing more campaigns like this one throughout the week.
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Fighting Socialism at UPenn

10 Reasons to Reject Socialism… TFP volunteers went to University of Pennsylvania to alert students about the dangers of socialism and distribute flyers … More
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Cowardly Man Attacks Pro-Life Woman -- Was Arrested

Pro-life advocate Marie-Claire Bissonnette explains how she was physically attacked by a man on Sept. 30, as she was leading a peaceful Life Chain demonstration in Toronto, Canada. "At around 2:30, … More
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And what does our prime minister Justin trudeau say about this ? why is he quiet ? why ,isnt he defending this woman since is so much for feminism ??… More

Man Eats Our Flyer Against Socialism

TFP volunteers traveled to Gettysburg College to alert students about the dangers of socialism and distribute flyers, 10 Reasons to Reject Socialism. A large banner quoting Sir Winston Churchill was … More
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@mattsixteen24 imbeciles were also sent to ‘recreation’ camps by the, im certain your daddy wouldnt have survived without Winston..… More
The heading is wrong. Should read: "Boy Chews On Our Flyer Against Socialism, But Is Not Competent Enough To Retain And Digest It. Poor Lad."

Stop pro-transgender "Drag Queen Story Hour" that Targets Kids in Libraries

When "gender fluid" story books replace Little Red Riding Hood, we should ask ourselves: Has society sunk lower than Sodom and Gomorrah? Endorsed by the American Library Association, the "Drag Queen … More
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Yes, stop this, and other, even Christian circuses, that present the homosexual agenda under the cover of "tolerance and divine mercy." Real mercy … More
Holy Cannoli

Artists Face Jail Threat for Belief in God's Marriage. Please Send Them Your Prayers.

How far will this persecution go? A sweeping criminal law in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, is forcing two young artists to promote same-sex ceremonies and remain silent about their belief in God's …
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Catholic University Should Apologize for Printing Same-Sex Couple Kissing

Rivier University, a Catholic institution in New Hampshire founded by the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, published a "wedding" photo of two women kissing in the pages of its magazine, Rivier …
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Jim Dorchak
Maybe she should go to confession too?
No only Apologize they must be removed those responsible must be publicly excommunicated and Catholic parents and students must boycott Rivier … More

Jesuit Georgetown Encouraging Contributions to Planned Parenthood

Catholic Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. is encouraging students to support mega abortion provider Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups with time and money. Under "Organizations…
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Sunamis 46
TFP Student Action
please join the peaceful protest today by signing the petition here:… More

Incredible Miracle: U.S. Marine Saved by Saint Michael

Read the story:…/incredible-mira… Attributions for Material used: 1. Ghost Processional by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativec… More
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Vile Swarthmore College Course "Queering the Bible" Attacks God

"Queering the Bible" is a new course offered at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania for the fall semester. This is how the college advertises the course: "By reading the Bible with the methods of … More
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"Why is God and the Bible singled out for derision by a college that prides itself on so-called tolerance and inclusion?" ......because, as Romans 1 … More

Fordham University Features Planned Parenthood as "Internship and Job Opportunity"

Catholic Fordham University in New York City features mega abortion provider Planned Parenthood under "internships and job opportunities" for students. The online entry, however, is raising deep …
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Joseph a' Christian
Fordham University is no longer Catholic. They also allow worldly and occult music to be sent out by their radio station- WFUV. When a Catholic … More
Catholics with business and non business ,should get together and stop the financial to all these universities and schools that provide anti catholic… More

Best Street Debates- TFP Student Action

Enjoy this compilation of all the best street debates Student Action has ever had.
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Story of St. Jose Sanchez del Rio

TFP Student Action tells the tremendous story of the boy Cristero martyr- Saint Jose Sanchez del Rio who was featured in the movie, "For Greater Glory" about the Mexican Cristero War. Read the full … More
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Dr. Michelle Cretella on Transgenderism- A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right

TFP Student Action interviews Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., president of the American College of Pediatricians. She debunks the lies behind transgender ideology with sound science and denounces the … More
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Pro-abortion Feminists Lose Debates on Campus

Pro-abortion Feminists Lose Debates on Campus
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Hugh N. Cry
Stand strong TFP men... you are courageous!
pray for these empty souls