Homosexualist Paglia Advocates the Murder of Children

Homosexualist Vincenzo Paglia, head of the Pontifical Academy against Life, has justified the appointment of the atheist and abortion activist Mariana …
De Profundis
Pro-choice is pro-abortion
Just too perfect. Archbishop Paglia appeals to John 16:12, of which St Augustine memorably remarked: “All heretics, when their fables are rejected for their extravagance by the common sense of mankind, try to defend themselves by this text”
Wulfram Elendur Magladhur
But, of course he does...
They know that their greatest hope of achieving their goals is to ride on the coattails of JPII. There's a time to tear down (JPII's goal and dream, rather than-with great cruelty-hijack) and a time to (in vain) build.
there will be a time of reckoning
Wulfram Elendur Magladhur
Nope. Not any time soon. It is going to get much much worse. The evil Synagogue of Satan psychopaths will have their victories on earth for a very long time to come.
The painting was done in time of Benedict XVI. If his boss, then and now, does not suspend him, it is because he defends his position.
foward appointment or suspension of evil man doesn't imply cooperation as such. Therefore collective responsibilty in this or other cases is applicable upon fulfilling due conditions. I hope you wouldn't accuse Our Lord likewise you unjustly done to His Vicar BXI for appointing Judas...
Painting continued in the cathedral. It should have been erased.
foward your fallacy of pope BXVI being guilty fails to assess the claim on its merit since you didn't provide evidence of him ordering or painting it... You substituted logic for psychology...
No falsehood. The mural was notorious in the cathedral at the time of Benedict XVI.