Holy Anger: Priest Spanks Bishop

Father Camilo Dib, 56, a son of religious Muslim immigrants from Syria, punched San Rafael Bishop Eduardo Taussig, Argentina, during a December 21 pastoral visit to Malargue.

Critics interrupted Taussig’s Mass. One protester slashed the tires of his vehicle. Dib was considered a part of the demonstration and summoned by the bishop. During the meeting, he punched Taussig who stumbled on his chair breaking it. Dib attacked Taussig again but was stopped.

He is known as a quiet, peaceful and self-sacrificing priest. Nevertheless, Taussig took vengeance and suspended him.

Originally from Tucumán, Dib was baptised at the age of 11 and entered San Rafael seminary.

Priests and faithful started hating Taussig, a neo-conservative, when he closed his Seminary, the biggest in Argentina, to punish his priest for refusing coronavirus communion in the hand.


G J Wisher
Bravo Don Camilo! That Pepone needs another one on the mouth
Cuthbert Mayne
Sporting a beautiful shiner. And advert for this youtube.com/watch?v=gr5Y63bDNNg (nominated the most loathsome “worship song” by Damien Thompson of the Catholic Herald)
Seems Fr. Camilo didn't "spank" the Bishop, he gave His Excellency a Godly shiner. "a son of religious Muslim immigrants from Syria" Ahhh... there we are. A jackal might dye his fur, but he's still a jackal. Violence is integral to that culture and part of the world. Bishop Taussig got off lucky. If this was a Sunni vs. Shi'ite squabble, somebody would have wired a bomb to his car's ignition long ago.