Francis to Cardinal: “There Was No Room for You in Hell”

"The Pope has been a big brother, the greatest support,” Perugia Cardinal Gulatiero Bassetti said during the TV show A sua immagine.

Bassetti, the President of the Italian Bishops, spent weeks between life and death in ICU after he had contracted Covid-19. Every day, Francis informed himself about Bassetti’s health condition.

When Bassetti finally recovered and was able to answer the phone, Francis told him, “Do you know why you survived? Because there was no place in hell for you.”

Picture: Gulatiero Bassetti © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsZxzjbrmrgr

"So you were lucky their seminary accepted you then, your Holiness." -things bishops can't say to the Pope thanks to an oath of obedience.
Fr Dan
Even in jest, one should never speak about hell like that