Germany: FSSP Hands Out Plate Communion (Video)

During a September 13 Traditional Latin Mass celebrated by a priest of the Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP) in Saarlouis, Germany, Holy Communion was distributed by means of dessert plates.

The masked celebrant placed plates on the Communion rail. He then put one consecrated host on each of them, and returned to the altar where he waited from a distance while the masked faithful approached the plates from the pews to take Communion.

Communion was received with the tongue from the plate.

After Communion, the priest returned to the Communion rail and collected the plates like in a restaurant.

Then, he placed a new set of plates on the Communion rail and put hosts on them.

The plates were not purified during Mass.


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Marcus Martin
As disheartening as it is, at least they're not receiving in the hand as I'm sure the bishops have tried to make them do
comfort ye
Tell me its one of my Novus Ordo nightmares...I need to wake up quick!
This from the FSSP? Is this priest for real? and a mask too.... another one with no supernatural faith... just a cover up as a Traditional priest...
Fr Dan
Thats insane
The scene in pictures
Communion on by the tongue…
...and now the spiritual illness of the German Church finally infects the last remaining hold outs.
Ave Crux
SSPX is the only real "last remaining hold out" -- they have never succumbed to a false, destructive obedience since Vatican II. During this pandemic, they were heroic in doing everything possible to make sure the Faithful received the Sacraments PROPERLY, and without interruption.

Thanks to SSPX, we were not subjected to a months-long Eucharistic Fast when so many of the Faithful were.
How can they pretend that this is not sacrilidge?
F M Shyanguya
Like an animal would feed. 😡
comfort ye
If it is weird, then it is not fitting... Now, please don't tell me the Bishop suggested this. I think I would respectfully abstain and wait for the day I could receive on the tongue in the proper way.
Not so! False resistance.
F M Shyanguya
Cf “Sr” Dede.

If I recall, they also had a Coronavirus outbreak in an entire seminary cf Coronavirus: Almost All Priests At Old Rite Seminary in Germany Sick
Yes, false + PCR. But still, better to get sick than to lose faith and freedom.
F M Shyanguya