Bishop Does His Job: Jesuits Insult Him

Worcester Bishop Robert McManus, 70, Massachusetts, asked the Worcester Jesuit Nativity School April 3 to take down homosex and Black-Live-Matters emblems.

He explained that both ideologies contrast [common sense and] Catholic teaching. The school refused. Its president, Thomas McKenney, said that the school only operates in Worcester Diocese but “is not a diocesan school.”

A petition circulated at the college demanding that the bishop be disinvited from school events and insulting his statement as “ignorant" and "bigoted sentiments.” McManus helpless response: He will not attend the school's May 27 graduation ceremony.


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College enters fray with bishop over gay pride, BLM flags at Jesuit school
Thank you Bishop Robert McManus,
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Nativity School of Worcester, a Jesuit-run middle school with 61 boys in attendance, has been flying gay pride and Black Lives Matter flags underneath the American flag for over a year....
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Bravo! Bishop.
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The final paragraph is referring to the fact that Bishop McManus will not be attending commencement at the College of the Holy Cross. He is to be commended. He should move to remove the designation of these schools as “Catholic.”