Rector of Archdiocesan Seminary Runs Off, Leaves Priesthood

Father Juan Carlos Marín, the rector of the Major Seminary of Concepción, Chile, has resigned and is leaving the priesthood. Concepción Archbishop Fernando Chomalí confirmed the information, "There …
The cartoon below the article may have reality content, but it is still disgusting, especially due to the desecrated depiction of the reverend ... I PROTEST!!!
(I don't much care for this cartoon...)
comfort ye
But I stepped into such a home once: this was the shocking feel I got. A priest tied down to baby diapers is a sorry sight that will leave you ill.
Bishop Thomas Tobin on his former diocese: "Some great news to share: The Providence Diocese is welcoming 8 *new seminarians* this year, the most new seminarians in almost 40 years, I'm told! Pray for our seminarians, including the new students. God said, "I will give you shepherds," and indeed He is!"