Yes, the Secret Works on an “Ecumenical Mass” Are Underway

Vaticanista Marco Tosatti has confirmed the existence of a secret committee reporting directly to Pope Francis that is working on an “Ecumenical Mass,” a liturgy designed to unite Catholics and Protestants around the altar.

Writing on firstthings.com Tosatti states that the [modernist] Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, Archbishop Arthur Roche, and the Undersecretary, Monsignor Corrado Maggioni, are involved. The [Catholic] prefect of the Congregation, Cardinal Robert Sarah, has not even been officially informed of the committee’s existence.

Others involved in the secret project are [modernist] Archbishop Piero Marini and a [modernist] lay liturgist, Andrea Grillo, an ardent follower of Pope Francis.

Picture: © Mazur, catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsXeqvbyvtmn
Illumination des consciences
Soon the One World Religion
Yup. The modernists won't be happy until they have made Catholics protestant heretics. Most of the Catholic sheep will happily go along. Francis is their man.
Valiant Woman
Good reporting. Such FILTH
When God has decided that enough is enough, when His preordained comes, it will be a fearful but beautiful day. Come Lord, and wash away this filth.