Limerick's Muslim deputy mayor, Azad Talukder, says people taking to the streets after the stabbing of three children in Dublin should be "hit in the head or beaten to death”.
Well, the media is known for misinformation and inciting hatred. I would believe his word faster than the media. Furthermore, if it is true his comment was in fact that the child stabber "should be shot" it does have a certain degree of authentic enculturated nuance.
Liam Ronan
@Mary 17 There was one attacker. This councillor used the plural. Not 'he'; but rather 'they'. Should be the first hate speech prosecution. Wont be though.
Mary 17
Looks like he's backtracking ,the Minister for Justice described the protesters as thugs and scumbags,she was reprimanded .FF cllr at centre of controversy over 'shot in head' comments says they were not about rioters
Allah would be very proud of his follower for wanting to murder others.
How in the world does Limerick end up with a Muslim Mayor, particularly one who believes those who insult the prophet deserve death?
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Typical Muslim response.