Why did this story never get published? That’s a good question. When I first spoke to the reporter, he was on the verge of publishing. Weeks, then months, went by, and no story. When I contacted him … More

Cardinal McCarrick: Everybody Knew

Uncle Ted and his army of enablers need to have their #MeToo moment
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Dr Bobus
McCarrick is a sociologist.
‘People will follow him’... yeah right.


Lovely political Sign, A billboard in Texas made waves on social media Tuesday after its message was posted online.-
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There goes the neighborhood.
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De Profundis
This diocesan newspaper has already issued a Statement
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Atanasio de Trento
Observen que el Papa Benedicto XVI nunca se quito el Soli Deo para hacer el lavatorio de los pies en cambio Bergoglio si se lo quita para rendirle … More
Atanasio de Trento
Bergoglio NO le rinde culto de adoración a Dios ni siquiera sentado: “Francisco ni siquiera se quitó el pileolus de su cabeza ante el Santísimo Sacra… More
I find this unfortunate, but I see no alternative. Our continuing participation could result in me advocating for two different, and even contradictory, positions.

Maine bishop had 'no alternative' but to leave state ecumenical group

.- After the Maine Council of Churches changed its decision-making process earlier this year, the Bishop of Portland was forced to withdraw from the …
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This bishop's president is a woman named Bonny. St. Paul travelled tremendous distances, to inform the faithful to turn away all people, who proklaim… More

Language as most important weapon

by Italian philosophical anthropologist and bioethics professor, Pierluigi Pavone
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Where is this text taken from?
Chemical contraception plus abortion has certainly controlled the number of children the average woman has, but what kind of freedom has it given her? Given current trends, here’s a list of 10 … More

MercatorNet: Free for what? Women’s choices in the era of the pill

‘Control’ over fertility brings its own miseries.
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Apparently, women taking the hormone birth control pill are more attracted to feminized, soy-faced men.
Men and women are different. It should not be a controversial statement, but it is. In the world of gender fluidity nothing is certain, not even who you are. It is no surprise, then, if we end up … More

Commentary: Archbishop Ladaria and the transgender movement

This week Archbishop Luis Ladaria, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, issued (another) definitive statement on the reservatio…
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Let freedom speak.

Meet Kelvin Cochran, he was fired from his job as fire chief of Atlanta for expressing his faith. “I was shocked that writing a book encouraging Christian men to be the husbands and fathers that God … More
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Defies belief. World gone mad.
Those who fired fire chief Kelvin shall be fired by Christ. Hellfire is their destination (see Revelation 20/15)
Analysis by Henry Sire ("Dicator Pope")

Pope Francis’s Chilean Sacrifice

A few days ago Pope Francis told the bishops of the Catholic Church that they need to be prepared to resign when the right time comes for them. He …
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That's the face I see now, the Dictator, when I try to enter my church. I no longer see Angels, nor our Blessed Lady smiling at me. I see that smirk.… More
Gesù è con noi
"They also didn't rule out financial reparations for victims." Pope Benedict's CDF Barred Barros: Francis Overturned catholicmo… More
Member of Parliament Patricia Appiagyei said, "God, in his own infinite wisdom, said he will ensure we will multiply on the earth, but not that he would create Eve and Eve to stay like they are. … More

Ghana's Parliament Throws Out Gay Marriage

Parliament has taken a tough position against any attempt to legalize same-sex marriage in the country. The legislators say they will not under any …
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Certainly Ghana is much more pleasing to God than Francis and the Vatican.
"Vice President Goodwin alleges that the student stared at her for roughly five seconds".

Catholic Student Punished For Promoting Catholic Marriage At Catholic University

The vice president of student affairs at Providence College has issued a restraining order against a student for posting flyers that educate students…
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The New Hate Speech: Catholic Teaching at a Catholic College There was a time in the not-so-distant past when homosexuals were routinely bullied. It was unacceptable, odious behavior back then, as … More

New Oxford Review

New Oxford Review provides Catholic news, analysis and opinion from an independent but orthodox Catholic perspective.
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Canadian spa owner faces legal challenge because he wouldn't force female staff to bikini-wax the genitals of a man who presents as a transgendered woman.

Transgender woman files human rights complaint against Windsor spa

Transgender woman files human rights complaint against Windsor spa
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Hugh N. Cry

Fr. Gruner on the resignation of Benedict XVI

"Benedict in his resignation says 'I am not resigning the munus.' That means, in Latin, it's the office. Yet canon law 332 says, 'If a pope were to resign he must resign the munus'. So here you have … More
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Outreach or outrage: Catholics react to Met Gala fashion

The papal pomp and Catholic circumstance on display at this year’s Met Gala in New York (aka the ‘Oscars of the East Coast’) was met with a combinati…
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*Bavaria reverently places crucifixes in public buildings* - “Catholic symbols must not be instrumentalized!” *Catholic imagery is irreverently displ… More
When 'accompaniment' is read as 'endorsement'
Cardinal Reinhard Marx, we've seen that before...

Fool me once, shame on you…

Much has been made of the May 3rd meeting that took place in Rome between certain members of the German Bishops Conference and representatives of …
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But there is no plausible path that does not involve more of what was displayed and appropriated and blasphemed against in New York City Monday night, more of what once made Catholicism both great … More

Opinion | Make Catholicism Weird Again

The Met Gala and the future of the church.
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“The only plausible approach for Catholicism is to offer itself, not as a chaplaincy within modern liberalism, but as a full alternative culture in … More
It's always in fashion to mock and blaspheme the Church. They hated Christ 2000 years ago and still do today and sadly, will eternally hate Him.