Arthur McGowan
"Pride is one of the seven deadly sins." The mere fact that the word "pride" is used is NOT the problem with a "Pride Mass." There is legitimate pride--e.g., in a job well done. The problem with a "Pride Mass" is that what is being celebrated is sodomy.
Ivan Tomas
"what can he do about it?" - he asked?
He can go to Hell.
There is the only right place for such people and celebrating of their satanical events.
Nighty-night, baby
He is WOLF in lamb skin. Dolan and many others follow him.
Be Ye Separate
Terrible, this man is obviously not Catholic, he falsely occupies a Bishop's office.
Almighty God, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Holy Will be done, on this earth as it is in Heaven. Christ the King, forever.
Pervert sodomite. Told his italian homosexual lover living with him night night baby.
Hugh N. Cry
Tobin is a thick homosexual. Recall he had an Italian homosexual model living with him. Faithful in NJ, run him out of town on a rail, I’m sure it’d fit.
The cardinal approves the re-crucifying of Christ. What a dear price he will pay